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Committees & Task Forces

Are you interested in serving as a volunteer leader for ISVMA?

Committee/task force job descriptions are can be accessed by clicking on the committee/task force names on this page.


If you would like to volunteer, please fill out the ISVMA Volunteer Interest Form.

ISVMA committees are a wonderful way to get involved in your association leadership! Most committee appointments are annual and expire on December 31. A few committee positions are determined by the ISVMA Constitution and have defined terms.

ISVMA Committee and Task Force members can access a number of resources on the ISVMA website by logging in to the Member Center and clicking on the link called "My Committees" in the floating orange navigation box located on the right side of the page. These resources include:

  • Committee roster with individual contact information
  • Committee files
  • Committee agendas and minutes
  • Committee job description
  • Committee forum (discussion thread)

The following are the ISVMA Committee rosters for 2011:

Audit & Finance Committee

Dr. Dena Nelson (ILL 1989) - Chair
Dr. Steven Cairo (ILL 1976)
Dr. Alan Whitman (ILL 1983)
Peter Weber, MS, CAE - Staff

Education Planning Committee

Dr. James Park (ILL 2007) - Chair
Ms. Stacey Dehlinger (ILL 2014)
Dr. Kelli Guedet (ILL 2007)
Ms. Janet Johnson, CVT (Parkland 1991)
Michayla Street, CVT (Parkland 2010)
Dr. Kristi McCullough (ILL 2001) - Staff

Legislative Committee

Dr. Steve Dullard (ISU 1986) - Chair
Dr. Matthew Bussan (ILL 2004)
Dr. Clyde Dunphy (ILL 1974)
Dr. Gregory Mauck (ILL 1986)
Dr. Matthew Nelson (ILL 2002)
Dr. Ray Ramirez (ILL 1986)
Dr. Daniel Taylor (ISU 2010)
Dr. Craig Wardrip (ILL 1978)

Membership Services Committee

Dr. Craig Stevenson (ILL 1974) - Chair
Dr. Michael Biehl (ILL 1983)
Dr. Elizabeth Cutright (ILL 2001)
Caroline Miskell, CVT (PUR 1994)
Dr. Doreen Turner (ILL 2009)
Dr. Kate Wycislo (ILL 2010)

Museum & History Committee

Dr. Gary Brummet (ILL 1981) co-chair
Dr. Donna Juhl (ILL 1981) co-chair
Ms. Brenda Betts - College of Veterinary Medicine
Dr. Shannon Greeley (ILL 1994)
Dr. Richard Hull (MO 1959)
Peter Weber, MS, CAE - Staff

Nominations & Awards Committee

Dr. Michael Thomas (ILL 1974) - Chair
Dr. Matthew Bussan (ILL 2004)
Dr. Colleen Currigan (OSU 1985)
Dr. Lydia Gray (ILL 1994)
Dr. Shelly Rubin (ILL 1968)
Dr. John Spence (ILL 2001)

Public Relations Committee

Dr. Michelle Gundlach (ILL 1992) - Chair
Dr. Julie Bunn (ILL 2005)
Dr. Kandice Norrell (ILL 2006)
Dr. Jackie Reed (ILL 2001)

Sponsorship Committee

Dr. Clyde Dunphy (ILL 1974) - Co-Chair
Dr. Sandra Faeh (ILL 1996) Co-Chair
Dr. Natalie Marks (ILL 2002)
Dr. Georgie Ludwig (ILL 1993)
Dr. Lloyd Shaw (ILL 1969)


The following are the ISVMA Task Force rosters for 2012:

CVT Roles & Responsibilities/ISVMA Legislative Committee Joint Task Force

Dr. Steve Cairo (ILL 1976) - Co-Chair
Dr. Scott Keller (ILL 1987) - Co-Chair
Mrs. Kelsie Dolezal, CVT (Purdue 2003)
Ms. Janet Johnson, CVT (Parkland 1991)
Ms. Caroline Miskell, CVT (Purdue 1994)
Dr. Michael Thomas (ILL 1974)
Ms. Michelle VanOpdorp, RVT
Mrs. Charlotte Waack, CVT
Dr. Craig Wardrip (PUR 1978)



ISVMA Senior Veterinarians Task Force

Dr. Craig Stevenson – Chair (ILL 1974)
Dr. Wes Bieritz (ILL 1963)
Dr. Dave Clayton (ISU 1966)
Dr. Clyde Dunphy (ILL 1974)
Dr. Fred Goldenson (ILL 1967)
Dr. Richard Hull (MO 1959)
Dr. Roger Mahr (ISU 1971)
Dr. Bill McEniry (ISU 1960)
Dr. Wesley T. Osthus (ILL 1963)
Dr. George Richards (ILL 1967)
Dr. Leroy Schild (KSU 1967)
Dr. Jim Summers (ILL 1968)
Dr. Will Wright (ILL 1966)

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