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June 8, 2004                                                                                                                    Volume 1, Number 12

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·    Vesicular Stomatitis

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Illinois Department of Agriculture Issues Statement on Vesicular Stomatitis

Effective June 7, 2004 – New Mexico has a confirmed case of vesicular stomatitis. All horses, donkeys, mules, ponies, cattle, bison, pigs, sheep, goats, deer, antelope and elk entering Illinois from New Mexico must meet with the following provisions from the Illinois Diseased Animal Act:

Section 85.130  Vesicular Stomatitis

All veterinarians issuing Certificates of Veterinary Inspection for livestock including equine, bovine, porcine, caprine, ovine, and cervidae transported into Illinois from any state with a confirmed diagnosis of vesicular stomatitis within the past 30 days must include the following statement on the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection: “Vesicular stomatitis has not been diagnosed on the premises of origin within the past thirty days. I have examined the premises of origin and have found no signs of vesicular stomatitis.”

These restrictions also continue to include animals originating from Texas.