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September 21, 2004                                                                                                         Volume II, Number 11

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·    VMC Program Rescheduled

·    AKC Poll

·    National Pet Wellness Month Website Launched

·    Dr. Donlin Receives AVMA Appointment

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All other seminar details remain unchanged, and existing registrations will transfer automatically.


We will continue to accept registrations, but space is limited!

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AKC Poll Indicates Dog Owners Spending on Pets

A "responsible" dog owner should expect to spend nearly $2,500 each year on a pet’s food, veterinary care, grooming and other needs, reports the American Kennel Club.

In conjunction with its celebration of Responsible Dog Ownership Day in September, the AKC conducted an online poll to see how much dog owners spend annually on their animals. The survey also took into consideration one-time expenses such as purchase/adoption fees and spaying/neutering a pet.

The AKC does not purport that its survey of 1,001 self-selected respondents is representative of the overall population. According to the club, 76 percent of respondents were female, mainly between the ages of 35-47. Thirty-four percent lived in a suburb, and 28 percent lived in an urban area.

Of the respondents, who spent an average of $646 to purchase or adopt their dog, more than 40 percent owned large dogs such as a Labrador or golden retriever. The price of owning and caring for the dog generally decreased with size, with the exception of medium-sized dogs, which cost slightly more to maintain than large breeds ($2,628 versus $2,569 annually).

Forty-seven percent said the cost would not deter them from owning another dog. Fourteen percent said the cost deterred them "significantly" or "quite a bit." Those living in urban areas were more likely to be deterred by the cost; they were also more likely to own smaller dogs.



Website Launched for National Pet Wellness Month


The educational, interactive Web site, found at, promotes the National Pet Wellness Month initiative being jointly promoted by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and Fort Dodge Animal Health. The awareness campaign encourages pet owners, through their veterinarians, to bring their animals in for twice-a-year wellness exams.

The AVMA and Fort Dodge report that more than 7,000 veterinary clinics have signed up to participate in the program. Those participating receive promotional materials for their clinics, including posters and client educational material.




Dr. Donlin Selected to Fill Vacancy at AVMA

The American Veterinary Medical Association has appointed Dr. Janet D. Donlin, DVM, assistant executive vice president, replacing Dr. Arthur V. Tennyson, DVM, who has retired.

Dr. Donlin formerly served as associate executive vice president of the AVMA's executive division since June 1996. She has been with AVMA since October 1991 when she was appointed assistant director in the scientific activities division.

Dr. Donlin is an active member of the Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association.