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July 18, 2005                                                                                                Volume III, Number 1


Sooty Tern
©Peter S. Weber

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Dr. Roger Mahr is Successful in Campaign for AVMA President-Elect


The AVMA House of Delegates on Saturday elected Dr. Roger Mahr, of Geneva, IL, as the Association's president-elect for 2005-2006. Dr. Mahr pledged to spend his term focusing on the improvement of animal and human health. He identified the shortage of food supply veterinarians and the low numbers of veterinarians in public practice as areas of particular concern.


AVMA's Illinois delegate Dr. George Richards of Danville, IL nominated Dr. Mahr for the office of president-elect on behalf of the ISVMA. "Dr. Mahr is uniquely qualified to serve as president-elect," Dr. Richards said. "He studies issues in depth, listens to all sides, and deliberates. He's accessible, analytical, fair and enthusiastic."


Dr. Mahr received his DVM degree in 1971 from Iowa State University. He owned and operated a small animal practice for 31 years and recently sold the practice to focus on his responsibilities to the AVMA. Dr. Mahr has served as president of the ISVMA and the Chicago VMA, chaired the Illinois Veterinary Licensing and Disciplinary Board and served as the District VI representative to the AVMA Executive Board.


ISVMA would like to extend heart-felt congratulations to Dr. Mahr for his outstanding service to organized veterinary medicine.


DuPage County Has Position Available for a Veterinarian

Job Title:        Veterinarian


Department:  Animal Care and Control                   


Schedule:      40 hours as scheduled on a weekly basis


Apply At:        421 N. County Farm Road 


Contact:  Jen Ulmer      


Phone: (630) 665-6400 x7228 Fax:  (630) 665-2055

DuPage County Animal Care and Control Department is looking for a full time Veterinarian to work on contract and serve as Administrator per all applicable statutes in the IL code and to work in conjunction with the Director to guide the operations of the Department and to provide Veterinary care and medical oversight to animals brought into the facility.  The Administrator is responsible for the enforcement of the Animal Control Act 510 ILCS 5/1 et seq., within the territorial limits of the County of DuPage.


Responsibilities include:             

Working cooperatively with the Director and the shelter staff in performing physical examinations and vaccinations of animals housed at the shelter, emergency triage and stabilization of ill and injured animals, perform adult and pediatric castration and ovariohysterectomy (OHE) on animals, perform adoption examinations to identify health conditions, monitor quarantine of animals that have been involved in a bite, examine, document and treat abuse cases, review and approve rabies vaccination exemption requests, establish a positive working relationship with private veterinary hospitals and emergency facilities, ensure quality and consistent care for animals, develop, review and uphold animal medical protocols, works together with the staff to improve relationships with the community, public and rescue groups and educates the public on responsible pet ownership, work with and be responsive to concerns and suggestions of advisory board, participate in humane investigations, testify in court, maintain records and prepare written reports.


Specific Veterinarian duties will include:

·         Perform physical examinations and vaccinations of animals

·         Diagnose illness and prescribe medications

·         Conduct routine health checks and follow-up on shelter animals

·         Provide medical and surgical care for animals

·         Perform spay/neuter surgeries (dogs and cats, only)

·         Administer rabies shots to animals

·         Provide emergency phone consultation to staff and answer and explain questions

·         Provide DEA number to enable shelter to order scheduled drugs\prescription medications

·         Consult with staff and the State’s Attorney on legal issues related to animal neglect, dangerous or vicious dog determinations, etc.


Requirements include:

Must be a Veterinarian (VMD or DVM) who is a graduate of a Veterinary College or University approved or accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association.  Plus a minimum of 3-4 years of clinical veterinary medical experience, shelter medicine/surgery experience and a valid license to practice veterinary medicine in Illinois.


The ideal candidate must have a strong work ethic and be a team player as well as an excellent communicator. Must be able to perform high volume spay and neuters as well as minor surgery.   Knowledge of the Animal Welfare Act and experience in shelter medicine is highly desirable.



About the Photo in This Issue...


The adult Sooty Tern is a species of Tropical Seas. In North America it only breeds on the Dry Tortugas. It is about 16" and black above with white forehead; white below. It has a deeply forked tail and thin black bill. Immature birds are dark brown, finely spotted with white on back and wings.


Last week, Hurricane Dennis brought a Sooty Tern to Carlyle Lake, IL where Illinois birders are "flocking" to get a glimpse of the rare inland wanderer. Sooty Terns are notorious wanderers; when not nesting they range far and wide over the seas. Perhaps this is why they are so often blown inland, sometimes many hundreds of miles, by hurricanes and tropical storms. These birds have a remarkable homing ability. When individuals marked with a dye were taken from their breeding grounds on the Dry Tortugas and released along the coasts of North Carolina and Texas, all returned to their breeding grounds within one to seven days. Sooty Terns feed largely at dusk and at night. Unlike most other terns, they do not dive but pluck small fish and squid from the surface of the water. They spend most of their time in the air, almost never perching or alighting on the water.


I photographed this adult Sooty Tern on the Dry Tortugas in April 2003.



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