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August 31, 2005                                                                                                Volume III, Number 6


Prothonotary Warbler
©Peter S. Weber

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VMATs Deployed for Hurricane Katrina

ISVMA has received several phone calls from members offering their services and support to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Dr. Cindy Lovern, Assistant Director, Scientific Services at AVMA recently forwarded the following information to state veterinary association executives:

"All 4 VMATs are deployed and are awaiting clearance to go in and do initial assessments of the damaged areas and animal/public health needs. Because our teams function as part of Dept. of Homeland Security at this point, we can’t send non-team members in to help. However, I am keeping a list of people who want to volunteer and distributing that list to the affected State Veterinarians, VMAs, VMATs, and Humane Organizations. I just can’t guarantee that anyone will get contacted.


"As far as donations, please direct donors to www.avmf.org or 800-248-2862 ext. 6689 to donate to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation. The AVMF gives the AVMA a grant each year, which I administer, for the VMAT program. If it wasn’t for the AVMF monies the VMATs would not have any supplies with them right now!! I am getting desperate calls from the teams asking for additional monies to support their efforts right now because the governmental system is not as adequate as ours. It is because of the AVMF that this, past, and future VMAT deployments are even possible. Please support VMAT by supporting AVMF – their grants to VMAT are vital."


Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum is a Popular Convention Attraction


There are two important reasons to register early for the ISVMA Annual Convention:

  1. You can take advantage of the "Early Bird Discount" pricing (ends September 22, 2005); and

  2. You can get one of the hottest tickets available - access to the private dinner at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum!


If the early registrations are any indication, the 250 tickets for the President's Reception at the Lincoln Museum will sell out quickly! Every registration received thus far includes the purchase of a ticket for this outstanding dinner opportunity.


The printed prospectus and registration forms will be mailed tomorrow from Springfield. If you would rather not wait, you can download the convention prospectus and register online at:




On Friday evening, November 4, 2005, ISVMA President Wesley Bieritz and his wife Sheila will host the President's Dinner at this
museum of unparalleled size, originality, and educational promise. The Museum contains 46,000 square feet of permanent exhibits – double the size of their counterpart at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, until now the nation's largest.

Combining impeccable scholarship with brilliant showmanship, the new museum's permanent exhibit galleries carry visitors on twin journeys from a crude, overcrowded Indiana cabin to
Ford's Theater and a reproduction of the House Chamber in the Old State Capitol where Lincoln's flag-draped casket lies in state. Along the way, you will be treated to a 250 seat multi-stage and screen presentation ("Lincoln's Eyes"), a stunning holographic theater ("Ghosts of the Library") bringing Lincoln documents and artifacts, literally, to life; a Treasures Gallery housing icons like the Gettysburg Address; and a separate children's area called "Mrs. Lincoln's Attic."


The museum will be open exclusively to ISVMA convention registrants who choose to participate in this exciting opportunity to witness history with their friends and colleagues. There are only 250 tickets available for this event, so please register early to make sure you get your ticket!


ISVMA would like to thank Midwest Veterinary Supply for their sponsorship of this unique and exceptional convention activity!



About the Photo in This Issue...


This Prothonotary Warbler was photographed in New Orleans, LA in 1996. As the magnitude of the disaster that struck Louisiana, Mississippi and other southern states became more apparent, I reflected on the beauty of this bright yellow bird, the magnificence of the habitat that supported it, and the warm, friendly people that hosted me on my birding trip to the Bayou State.


The photo is of the first Prothonotary Warbler I ever saw (lifebird) and those memories are very strong for any avid birder. The memory is all that much more profound now.


Cool Facts:

·        The Prothonotary Warbler is one of only two warbler species that breed in holes. (Lucy's Warbler is the other.)

·        The name "Prothonotary" refers to clerks in the Roman Catholic church, whose robes were bright yellow.

·         Breeds in wooded areas near water, especially flooded bottomland hardwood forests, cypress swamps, and along large lakes and rivers. Winters in mangrove swamps and coastal tropical forests.

·         Breeding populations highly localized because of extreme habitat specificity, and are vulnerable to habitat destruction. Considered endangered in Canada.

·         Breeds from southern Minnesota and southern Ontario southward to central Texas and Florida.


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