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April 13 , 2007


Volume IV, No. 29



An electronic newsletter highlighting veterinary issues for Illinois veterinarians

Hayleigh "Bop"

©Peter S. Weber
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Lobby Day Materials Online

NIVMA Meeting - April 25, 2007

About the Photo

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Contact Us




ISVMA Lobby Day Materials Online

The ISVMA has developed position papers that will be used by Lobby Day participants. The handouts are online and can be downloaded from


If you plan to participate in the April 18, 2007 ISVMA Lobby Day activities and need additional information, please contact Jill at or call (217) 523-8387.


Lobby Day is an outstanding way to develop useful relationships with your state legislators. These relationships become the foundation of the ISVMA grassroots lobby effort. We have demonstrated our legislative advocacy potential during the past two legislative years and our capabilities continue to grow; thanks to the support of the hundreds of veterinarians that are active in our grassroots network!


If you cannot attend Lobby Day and wish to share the position papers with your legislators, feel free to send them the information. You can get the contact information for your legislators at

NIVMA 51st Annual Spring Clinic - April 25, 2007 at the Boone County Fairgrounds

Please make plans to participate in this popular and informative program. If you wish to review the program and/or register, you may download a copy of the seminar brochure directly from the ISVMA website at

About the Photo in This Issue...

It is time for a change of pace! This photo is of our Standard Schnauzer, Hayleigh. Hayleigh is four years old and is a rare and magnificent dog! We adopted her from the Stahlkreiger Kennels in Indiana after she was retired from the show ring at 18 months of age. She is magnificent on a lead and a very entertaining dog!

We call her Hayleigh Bop - a pun that plays on the Hale Bop comet and the way she "bops" around the yard in her grandest championship prance. She is also prone to bouncing around on her back legs in an effort to draw those wicked squirrels out of the trees.

I photographed Hayleigh in our backyard in April 2007.

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