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September 5 , 2007


Volume V, No. 6



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World Rabies Day

Revenue Letters Generate Many Calls

2007 ISVMA Convention Update

Importance of Convention Attendance

Veterinary Heritage Collection Update

Illinois Veterinary Students Learn About Equine Practice

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Governor Issues Proclamation on Rabies Awareness

Governor Rod Blagojevich issued a proclamation today declaring September 8, 2007 as, "Rabies Awareness Day" in Illinois.


The ISVMA requested the proclamation in order to support the alliance that established the date as World Rabies Day. Additionally, ISVMA is making available information that veterinary professionals may use to inform their clients and promote vaccination. Click on the highlighted text to download the following:

1. Veterinarian Talking Points - please use these talking points to discuss rabies awareness and prevention with your local press.

2. Rabies Brochure - An excellent and informative brochure developed by the American Veterinary Medical Association that you can share with your clients, community leaders, and anyone else that can benefit from understanding this deadly disease better.

ISVMA will issue a statewide press release to make Illinois' citizens aware of the Governor's Proclamation and heighten awareness of the importance of vaccinating pets to protect both the animal and their human owners from rabies.


We encourage you to also write an opinion editorial for your local newspaper using the information in the above referenced documents to help with the worldwide effort to prevent rabies infection.

Department of Revenue Letter Results in Flood of Calls

Every licensed veterinarian in the State of Illinois has received or will receive a letter from the Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR) which notifies the recipient of a second "amnesty" window that will waive all penalties for veterinary practices that conduct a self-audit and file amended returns before September 30, 2007.


Many veterinarians have called ISVMA asking for clarification or guidance. Some of the callers are concerned that the IDOR is throwing them a new curveball or trying to "stick it to the veterinary profession" again. Although the communications strategy of the IDOR leaves something to be desired; this letter is not at all nefarious. The letter is only intended to notify practices that, if they execute the agreement and self-audit, they will be exempt from paying any penalties that would otherwise be due for the open audit periods.


Attached to the letter is a copy of the "Prospective Compliance Agreement & Settlement Of Open Audit Periods" and a copy of the Draft Regulation: Section 130.2165. The draft regulation is the same document that was negotiated by and agreed to by the Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association in March 2007.


Things to consider:

. If your practice participated in the voluntary compliance agreement last Spring this letter does not apply to you.


. When conducting a self-audit, you should utilize the draft regulation to establish whether your practice was compliant or to determine whether you have tax liability.


. If you chose not to participate in the voluntary compliance agreement last Spring, this letter provides you a second opportunity to avoid penalties on taxes owed for open audit periods.


. If your practice chooses not to participate in the voluntary compliance agreement (either last Spring or this second window), you may be audited and penalties and interest will be applied to your outstanding tax liability as determined by the IDOR auditor.


. The current window for voluntary compliance is very small - all returns and taxes owed must be submitted by September 30, 2007 to qualify.

If you wish to have assistance from the ISVMA audit consultants at J.D. Michael, LLC, please call them at (217) 527-1700. They have worked with ISVMA on veterinary audit issues for the last four years and have assisted many Illinois veterinary practices.

2007 ISVMA Convention Update

The 2007 ISVMA Annual Convention will be held in Peoria on November 2-4, 2007. This meeting is a tremendous bargain for Illinois veterinary professionals! You can save money and time by attending a local convention with a comprehensive and diverse program that can only be matched by larger and more expensive regional and national conventions.


The speakers retained by ISVMA are of exceptional quality and we are only able to provide such an outstanding program because of the generosity of our corporate sponsors and the support of our members that register to attend.


The Convention Prospectus contains a full program description and registration form. It will be mailed to all member and non-member veterinarians, VTAI members, and others on Friday, September 7.


There is no reason to wait for the Prospectus to reach your mailbox! It is also available online and you can register using our online registration form. Anyone interested in attending one of the popular wet labs should register immediately - space is limited and the seats are filling quickly.

Only 17% of ISVMA Member Veterinarians Attended the 2006 Convention- And it Was a Record Attendance!


Illinois veterinarians need to support the state meeting. There is no excuse not to attend because the meeting is outstanding, local and affordable. More importantly, there is every reason for you to attend! Your support through registration helps ISVMA build non-dues revenue income and offer better programs and services to our members. It also encourages more companies to exhibit in our tradeshow and support future programs through sponsorship.


Please support ISVMA and enjoy a tremendous veterinary conference. Register for the 2007 ISVMA Annual Convention and bring an associate or colleague!

Veterinary Heritage Collection Update

The Walter E. Zuschlag/ISVMA Veterinary Heritage Collection and Information Commons will be dedicated at 3:00 p.m. on October 5, 2007 during the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine Fall Conference.

Members of the ISVMA Museum and History Committee and staff from the College of Veterinary Medicine have volunteered hundreds of hours to organize and display hundreds of artifacts and documents which chronicle the history of veterinary medicine for students, alumni, and public. The collection will affirm the important contribution of veterinary medicine in the past and its relevance for the future protection of the health and welfare of animals and the public. It is also a place where veterinary students will be able to study while surrounded by hundreds of artifacts and documents that bring to life the everyday efforts and extraordinary achievements of Illinois veterinary practitioners, educators, and researchers.

The Walter E. Zuschlag/ISVMA Veterinary Heritage Collection was made possible as a result of a generous contribution from the Zuschlag family and the sponsorship of the individual display cases. Only 4 of the 34 cases remain un-sponsored. If you wish to support this important project by sponsoring one of the remaining display cases, please visit the Illinois Veterinary Medical Foundation page on the ISVMA website.

Illinois Veterinary Students Learn About Equine Practice

Courtesy of the AVMA

The Illinois student chapter of the American Association of Equine Practitioners was prominently displayed in recent coverage of a seminar that was the brainchild of Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital co-founder Bill Rood, DVM.

All attendees had to be members of their school's student chapter of the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP). … Shannon Melliere, president of the chapter, said there is a wide range of interests of the students, from those who know a lot about horses to others who are new to horses. … Dr. Allison Stewart is the Illinois chapter advisor. … Deke Carls, who is the Illinois chapter's fundraising co-chair, said the OEPS is a great chance to see the options available "out there. I grew up in all small animals practices," he said.

About the Photo

The Verdin (Auriparus flaviceps) is a tiny and active desert songbird of the arid southwestern United States and northern Mexico. Verdin are smaller than chickadees (4 to 4 1/2 inches). They are gray with a yellow head and throat, chestnut patch at bend of wing, and white underparts. Juveniles lack both the yellow and chestnut coloration of adults and are distinguishable from Bushtit by shorter tail.

Verdin are rarely seen drinking and they are thought to obtain moisture from insects, seeds, and berries. It is the only North American member of the penduline-tit family (Remizidae). Vocal and often conspicuous despite its size, it builds a large enclosed nest in thorny scrub. The thorny protection around most nests probably discourages predators and the insulation protects the eggs and young from the intense heat of its habitat. The small clutch size may also be an adaptation to assure sufficient food in an area of climatic extremes.

Verdin are declining across much of their range and land development in southern California has reduced its habitat, resulting in the possible extirpation of the species from San Diego County, CA.

I photographed this Verdin in Salineno, Texas in January 2004.

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