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September 26 , 2007


Volume V, No. 9



An electronic newsletter highlighting veterinary issues for Illinois veterinarians

Green-breasted Mango
Green-breasted Mango

©Peter S. Weber
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IDOR Extends Tax Amnesty Period

ISVMA Election Ballots in the Mail

Early Bird Registration Deadline

Needed: McKillip Veterinary College Artifacts

About the Photo

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Contact Us




Illinois Department of Revenue Extends Amnesty Period

NOTE: The Settlement Agreement Deadline has been extended to October 31, 2007.


The settlement agreement proposed by the Illinois Department of Revenue allows veterinarians who may have experienced confusion in determining their tax liabilities to use the draft regulation to conduct a self-audit for specific back periods, remit any taxes owed and avoid imposition of penalties.


Please note that participation in the settlement agreement is voluntary. You must make a determination of its relevance after reviewing your past tax practices, and may wish to consult your tax professional in making this determination. According to the Department, if you do not participate and are later audited, taxes, penalties and interest will be imposed to the extent authorized by law. A description of the settlement agreement is available on the Department's website.


Remember, the settlement agreement allows veterinarians who may have experienced confusion in determining their tax liabilities to use the draft regulation to conduct a self-audit for specific back periods, remit any taxes owed and avoid imposition of penalties.


If you need assistance with determining your practice’s audit exposure or with completing the self-audit, you may wish to contact the firm of J.D. Michael & Associates at (217) 527-1700. The partners in this firm have consulted with ISVMA on sales tax regulations for more than four years and are intimately aware of the procedures and requirements.

ISVMA Ballots in the Mail - Return Before October 26, 2007

The ISVMA Nominations and Awards Committee met last week to nominate a candidate for ISVMA Vice-president. The newly elected Vice-president serves a four-year term on the ISVMA Board of Directors and Executive Committee while automatically succeeding through the offices of President-elect, President and Immediate Past-president.

The Committee has named Lydia F. Gray, DVM, MA as the 2007 nominee for the office of ISVMA Vice President. Dr. Gray's resume outlines her diverse professional accomplishments and experience as an association executive.


Article IX of the ISVMA Constitution established the procedures for nomination: "The Nominating Committee shall nominate a candidate for the office of Vice President. All prospective nominees must indicate in writing to the Nominating Committee their willingness to serve. Article IX also specifies the requirements of the ballot, "The official ballot shall include a provision for members to submit the name of a write-in candidate for the office of Vice-President."

The Constitution also requires that the ballots be returned no later than 30 days after the date of transmission from the ISVMA. The deadline for the return of the ballots will be October 26, 2007.

Ballots can be returned by mail:

ISVMA Elections
133 South Fourth Street
Suite 202
Springfield, IL 62701

or fax at (217) 523-7981.

Early Bird Registration Discounts Expire October 12

Remember to register early for the 125th ISVMA Annual Convention in Peoria on November 2-4, 2007. The early bird registration discounts expire on October 12, 2007.


The optional wet lab programs on Small Animal Ear Care (Dr. Louis Gotthelf), Equine Dentistry (Dr. Jack Easley) and Puppy Aggression Prevention and Socialization (Dr. Rolan Tripp) are almost full. If you hope to participate in one of these sessions, register immediately online.

ISVMA Seeking Items Related to McKillip Veterinary College

The ISVMA is looking for any photographs or items attributable to the McKillip Veterinary College which operated in Chicago from 1892 until 1920. We need these items to display in the Walter E. Zuschlag/ISVMA Veterinary Heritage Collection and Information Commons which will be dedicated at 3:00 p.m. on October 5, 2007 during the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine Fall Conference.

If you have items related to McKillip Veterinary College or have any other unusual, interesting or important items you would like to contribute to the Collection, you may either donate or loan them by contacting

About the Photo

The Green-breasted Mango breeds from eastern Mexico and western Panama south to Colombia, Venezuela, northeasterm Bolivia, western Ecuador and just into Peru. It is occasionally seen as a vagrant to Texas in the United States; remarkably, there is an immature Green-breasted Mango that has been visiting a feeder in Beloit, Wisconsin for over a month!

This hummingbird inhabits open country, gardens and cultivation, but its distribution is spotty and often localized. The food of this species is nectar, often taken from the flowers of large trees. This hummingbird is also insectivorous, sometimes hovering in open areas to catch flying insects.

It is 10.2cm long and weighs 6.8 g. The longish black bill is slightly decurved. The tail in both sexes has dark central feathers, the outer tail being wine-red tipped with black (in some areas the undertail is bluish).

The male has glossy bright green upperparts. His throat and chest have a relatively narrow matt black central area, bordered with blue-green. The flanks are bright green, and the black of the chest tapers onto the belly.

The female Green-breasted Mango has bronze-green upperparts and white underparts with a black central stripe. Immature birds show some grey or buff feather tips on the head and wings, and have brown around the eyes.

I photographed this male Green-breasted Mango at a feeder in McAllen, TX in December 2004. I also photographed the immature bird in Beloit, WI on Sunday, September 23, 2007.

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