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June 10 , 2008


Volume V, No. 25



An electronic newsletter highlighting veterinary issues for Illinois veterinarians

Berylline Hummingbird
Berylline Hummingbird

©Peter S. Weber
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AVMF Provides Flood Relief

Licenses Issued for Most 2008 Graduates

ISVMA Annual Convention Information

ISVMA Membership Survey

ISVMA Membership Renewal Update

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AVMF Provides Flood Relief

If you know of any veterinarians/animals that were affected as a result of the recent Illinois/Midwest storms – flooding, tornados, etc., the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF) has funding available for veterinarian practice relief of up to $2,000 and animal care reimbursement (for injured/displaced animals) of up to $5,000.

Veterinarians have up to nine months following the disaster to apply for assistance. The Reimbursement Guidelines are also available on the ISVMA website for your review.

If you know a veterinarian that qualifies for this relief, you may use the following application forms:

· Veterinary Relief Application

· Animal Healthcare Reimbursement

Licenses Issued for Most 2008 Graduates

The ISVMA has been working with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) to expedite the processing of license applications for new veterinary school graduates. The IDFPR has been getting the licenses issued earlier for each of the last three years and most 2008 graduates (with completed applications) have been issued a license.


If you want to check on the license status of any veterinarian you can use the License Look-Up tool on the IDFPR website. All you have to do is Choose a Profession (Veterinarian) and type in the Last Name and First Initial of the licensee you wish to look up.

Mark Your Calendars for the 126th ISVMA Annual Convention - November 7-9, 2008

The ISVMA Annual Convention has earned a reputation as one of the best state association meetings in the country. The ISVMA Education Planning Committee has built a comprehensive and diverse education program and recruited outstanding speakers. The popular wet lab offerings have been expanded again - with plans to offer them on all three days of the meeting. ISVMA has the largest state association tradeshow in the Midwest and you can take advantage of show specials to save your practice money on your regular purchases.


The ISVMA Annual Convention is all about science and learning. We have also set the standard for entertainment! Our general session speakers provide a change of pace for attendees, injecting humor and fun into the convention program. This year's general session speakers are worth the registration fee alone!

Dr. Kevin FitzgeraldDr. Kevin Fitzgerald (photographed at the 124th ISVMA Annual Convention)

"Being rejected your first time is normal for veterinary school applicants," explains Dr. Fitzgerald. What most determined students do - after their first rejection - is what Kevin did. But he kind of did it the long way.
While getting his master's, then Ph.D. and then teaching at the University of Hawaii, he worked summers as a bouncer and toured with The Rolling Stones, George Clinton, Willie Nelson, The Who, Bob Marley and Elvis.


Later - way later - he graduated veterinary school at Colorado State University. He then started working at the Alameda East vet hospital. Over the years, because of the kind of guy he is, he become a specialist in exotic-animals. That, and his comedic on-screen antics are what landed him on Animal Planet's Emergency Vets show.


Dr. Fitzgerald will lend his special brand of humor to participants at the ISVMA Annual Convention on November 7, 2008. If you have seen him before, please let your colleagues and staff know that they had better not miss out - make sure they register for ISVMA convention!


For more information about the hilarious Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald, you can visit the Animal Planet website from which most of the above information was gleaned.



Tim Cavanaugh Tim with Bob and Tom(photographed with Bob & Tom)

Comic wordplay, funny songs and clean, first-class fun are what set Tim Cavanaugh apart from other comedians. Chicago Magazine calls him "a wonderful original whose songs poke fun at, yet embrace people — a relief from the sexist ploys many stand-ups engage in ... one of the best and cleanest acts on the comedy circuit."


Cavanaugh's "The One Minute Song" was a regular segment on "The Bob and Tom Show" for about two years. Many of the songs, such as "Tim's Blues," "Get Drunk with Dignity" and "Another White Christmas," have been included on "The Bob and Tom Show" comedy albums.


Cavanaugh taught at a Catholic high school in his hometown of Chicago before setting out to become a stand-up comedian in 1979. He began performing at Zanies Comedy Club in Chicago, and it wasn't long before his funny songs gained notoriety. "I Wanna Kiss Her (But She Won't Let Me)" became a hit on the nationally syndicated "Dr. Demento Radio Show." He became a frequent guest and contributing writer on "The Danny Bonaduce Show," a radio show heard in Chicago, Detroit and New York City. Other successful songs followed and received airplay across the country.


Cavanaugh made his prime time network television debut in 1988 on ABC's "George Schlatter's Comedy Club Special" hosted by Dudley Moore. He also appeared on Comedy Central's "Stand-Up Stand-Up" and "Showtime Comedy Club Network." Nowadays he headlines at comedy clubs across America and performs for hundreds of college and corporate groups. Many drive-time radio shows across the country feature Cavanaugh as a regular guest.

ISVMA Member Survey - Please Participate

The ISVMA is committed to providing its members with the best service possible.  With that objective in mind, the ISVMA Board of Directors has requested that our members and other veterinary professionals be surveyed. The results will assist in evaluating services and benefits that are, or would be, most valuable to ISVMA members. The results should also spotlight the emerging needs of the varied professionals who comprise the veterinary community in Illinois.  From your feedback, we will be better able to serve ISVMA members and the veterinary profession throughout the state of Illinois.

The survey takes under ten minutes to complete. The ISVMA Home Page has a link to the survey or it can be accessed directly at:

Results will be compiled through July 31, 2008. At that time a report will be created and presented to the ISVMA Board of Directors for their review.

Please forward this information to other veterinary professionals that are not currently members of the ISVMA. The more feedback received, the better we will be able to serve the veterinary profession in Illinois.

Membership Renewal Update - Second Notice Will Be Mailed This Week

ISVMA membership renewal packets were mailed at the beginning of May. If you have not yet renewed your membership for the 2008-2009 membership year, you will soon be receiving a second notice.

Membership renewal is due before June 30, 2008 and any member whose dues are 30 days past due will be suspended and all privileges of membership discontinued. Members suspended for nonpayment of dues may be reinstated at any time upon payment of the current year’s dues.

If your practice has hired a new associated since July 1, 2007 please make sure that ISVMA is aware of your staff changes. If you or your associates have not received your membership renewal information, please contact our office at (217) 546-8381 and speak to Jill Blanton so that we can make sure we have the correct contact information.

Your support of the veterinary profession through membership in ISVMA is greatly appreciated and, as noted in a letter from Dr. Ronald Gill, ISVMA President, your state association had a very successful year and continued to provide high quality services and programs to support the veterinary profession, individual practitioners, veterinary students, animals and the public.

If it is easier for you, you can renew your membership online at You can indicate on the web form whether your application is a renewal or new application. You may also make a voluntary contribution to VMPAC or the Illinois Veterinary Medical Foundation (IVMF).

About the Photo

The Berylline Hummingbird (Amazilia beryllina) is among the rarer of southeastern Arizona's hummingbird strays, and is much sought after by visiting birders. It is a medium-sized hummingbird with a glittering green back, head, nape, throat, and breast. Its wings and tail are rufous, the undertail coverts are cinnamon-brown, the bill is black and the lower mandible has red base. The female is slightly duller and has a pale gray belly and undertail coverts.


The Berylline Hummingbird is endemic of southern and western Mexican foothills and highlands; it occurs in southeastern Arizona as a stray, where it occasionally breeds. It inhabits oak and pine woodlands and edges, oak scrub and clearings, and plantations. In the U.S., it is most likely to be seen at hummingbird feeders in wooded mountain canyons, such as Madera Canyon or in the Huachuca or Chiricahua mountains.


Just an interesting fact - we have all heard of a "flock of seagulls" or a "gaggle of geese" to describe a group of birds. Other birds have more interesting collective nouns:

"Murder" of crows

"Siege" of cranes

"Deceit" of lapwings

"Kettle" of hawks

"Watch" of nightingales

"Exaltation" of larks

"Descent" of woodpeckers

A group of hummingbirds has many collective nouns, including a “bouquet", "glittering", "hover", "shimmer", and "tune” of hummingbirds.


I photographed this female Berylline Hummingbird at Ramsey Canyon, Arizona on May 11, 2008.

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