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September 23 , 2008


Volume VI, No. 10



An electronic newsletter highlighting veterinary issues for Illinois veterinarians

Ilsa (1993-2008)
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Early Bird Registration Deadline Approaches

Proposed Amendment to ISVMA Constitution

Special Workshop on Client Communications

Special Incentives for Puppy Wet Lab Attendees

About the Photo

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convention logoREGISTER TODAY for the ISVMA Annual Convention - The Early Bird Registration Deadline Looms Near

The deadline for taking advantage of the Early-Bird registration discounts is October 6, 2008. A full schedule and program description are available in the Convention Prospectus.


Additional information (including hotel information) is also available on the ISVMA website. Remember to ask for the ISVMA room block discount when making your reservations!


Review the convention program with your staff and remember to register soon! The ISVMA has a convenient online registration form designed to make your registration quick and simple!

ISVMA Board Forwards Amendment to ISVMA Constitution to Members
for Vote at the 126th ISVMA Annual Meeting

ISVMA members will vote on an amendment to the ISVMA Constitution at the ISVMA Annual Meeting on November 7, 2008. The amendment's primary change is the addition of a membership category for veterinary technicians. A copy of the amendment and a summary of the changes it proposes are available for download from the ISVMA website.


Members will be notified by mail of the Constitutional Amendment and members attending the ISVMA Annual Meeting on November 7, 2008 at the Westin Lombard Yorktown Center Hotel will have the opportunity to vote on the proposal.


An ISVMA Task Force co-chaired by Dr. Cecil Ingmire and Dr. Scott Keller worked for months to develop a recommendation to the ISVMA Board of Directors regarding the role of the association in representing the veterinary profession. The other task force members included: Dr. Michael Biehl; Dr. Wesley Bieritz; Ms. Dena Chiddister; Ms. Caroline Miskell, CVT; Ms. Joann Stewart; and Ms. Jan Walters, CVT. The Task Force prepared a report to the ISVMA Board of Directors, excerpts from which provide some background on the recommendation.


The proposed Constitutional Amendment is the outcome of the diligence and careful consideration of the ISVMA Veterinary Professions Task Force and their focus on helping ISVMA accomplish its mission of "Advancing the well-being of the veterinary profession, animals, the public and the environment."

Listen Up: Tools to Improve Client Relationships - A Special Workshop Program at the ISVMA Annual Convention Presented by Kathleen Bonvicini, EdD, MPH

CHICAGO – September 23, 2008 – In collaboration with the Institute for Healthcare Communications (IHC), the AVMA PLIT is sponsoring “Listen Up: Tools to Improve Client Relationships,” a special all day workshop program at the ISVMA Annual Convention in Lombard, Illinois. The program will be held on Sunday, November 9, 2008 from 8:00 am 4:15 pm in the Lilac C Room at the Westin Lombard Yorktown Center Hotel.


Dr. Kathleen Bonvicini will discuss veterinary communications challenges, client interaction, owner consent, and adherence and compliance. This valuable all day workshop will include a short presentation, case reviews, interactive exercises, and opportunity for discussion. This workshop will explore how effective and meaningful communication can improve client compliance and satisfaction as well as to reduce the likelihood of a malpractice suit or board complaint.


avma plit logoThe AVMA PLIT offers a full line of insurance products for today's veterinarian. PLIT-sponsored products and services are available to AVMA and Student AVMA members. The PLIT has been serving veterinarians since 1962 and its mission is to provide a valuable AVMA member service that protects the assets and reputations of the participants and enhances the image of the profession.

Special Incentive For Attendees of Puppy Aggression & Socialization Wet Lab Offered by Dr. Rolan Tripp

There will be a special “value added” benefit for all participants in Dr. Tripp’s Puppy Aggression Prevention and Socialization Wet Lab, held on Friday, November 7 from 10:00am – 3:00pm.

Dr. Tripp will give paid wet lab participants copyrighted materials necessary for them to put on puppy classes in their community. This includes the copyright license to use these materials. These materials are being provided for no extra charge; they will be part of the wet lab fee.

Space is limited to the first 40 attendees. Enrollment is open to all attendees (not just veterinarians and veterinary technicians) and is on a first come, first paid basis. Take advantage of this special offer and take home something special!

Dr. Tripp's puppy wet lab has sold out each of the last three years - so sign up now! Dr. Tripp has added a kitten socialization wet lab this year to give your practice staff specialized training for another frequent practice visitor.

About the Photo

She came to our family more than 14 years ago. Her original owner had to give her up just a few days after first picking her from a litter of miniature schnauzer puppies. It wasn't for a lack of love for the puppy she had named "Jo Jo", it was necessary because the owner had become seriously ill. My wife Brenda and I were not in any position to take on another puppy at the time; we had two very young children and a miniature schnauzer of our own (our beloved Buc). However, when my mother called and explained the circumstances involved in the puppy needing a new home, Brenda and I opened our hearts and (very) small house to the wonderful puppy we renamed Ilsa.


Ilsa has always been a paradox. She is remarkably sweet and cuddly, but will growl anytime someone picks her up. She is easily frightened by loud noises and submissive to our other dogs, but she would chase any squirrel and stand up to any strange dog, no matter how large.


In some other ways, Ilsa has been remarkably consistent. She was very loving to our children and was particularly attached to Brenda. The children and I often called her "Mommy's shadow" because she seemed to always be at Brenda's ankles or sleeping curled up to Brenda's hip. Ilsa has also always been a pleaser and was easily trained to do tricks (her hilarious food dance and ability to give high-five delighted any witness). She was also first at the door to welcome the family home and always looking for a lap in which to curl up.


Our first miniature schnauzer (Buc) was always the pack leader in our family - he thought he was in charge of the people in our family too! He and Ilsa were remarkably close and were always boarded in the same cage when our family traveled and even shared the same cage at the groomer. They were inseparable. When Buc was nearing his own death, we introduced a Standard Schnauzer named Hayleigh to our family. She and Ilsa shared timidity and we often wondered which one would become the pack leader when Buc passed. In fact, I don't think either assumed that role. It wasn't until we added our newest miniature schnauzer named Apollo to the family last year that we had an alpha dog again. It was fun to watch the tiny puppy ruling our older, larger dogs!


Ilsa is scheduled to visit our veterinarian tomorrow for the last time. Four years to the day that we lost her faithful companion Buc, she will join him in our memories. Losing a beloved pet is very painful and my family appreciates the love and compassion that our veterinarians provide during the period of decline and the final chapter of our dogs' lives.


Please accept my gratitude on behalf of my family and other pet owners who have benefited from your support and care. My family truly loves our veterinarians and our feelings toward the profession make it very rewarding to work on your behalf.


This picture of Ilsa was taken in January 2004. She was just about to perform her famous food dance for one of the last times. We gave her a break from performing this trick as she aged and began suffering from arthritis.

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