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November 21 , 2011


Volume IX, No. 8



An electronic newsletter highlighting veterinary issues for Illinois veterinarians

Executive Director
Peter Weber's Spine

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Help Defeat Mandatory Prescription Law in Congress

ISVMA Legislative Report October 31,2011

FDA Warns China-made Chicken Jerky Could Cause Fanconi Syndrome

ISVMA Annual Meeting Recap

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State VMA Support Needed Now to Defeat Mandatory Prescription Bill in Congress

H.R. 1406, the Fairness to Pet Owners Act, is not going away. We continue to see media stories supporting the bill and hear from Congressional offices that constituents are calling in support. We are also hearing that we should expect to see a Senate companion bill before the end of the year. This bill has strong supporters with deep pockets! For those of you who are unaware, H.R. 1406 would require veterinarians prescribing products to companion animals to provide the client with a copy of the written prescription along with notification that the prescription can be filled elsewhere. This would be required even if the client wants to have the prescription filled at the veterinary clinic. An additional provision in the bill requires veterinarians to verify prescriptions electronically, regardless of the licensure or accreditation status of the online pharmacy.

Over the next month, AVMA Governmental Relations Division Staff will be contacting State Veterinary Medical Associations and other key stakeholders to join a coalition in opposition of the legislation. We will be sending a letter to Members of Congress outlining the coalition's concerns. We strongly urge every State VMA and other associations to send a letter to their state's federal congressional delegation in the House and Senate in opposition of this legislation. Contact information about can be found at the AVMA's Congressional Action Center. Individual members of your organization can contact their members thought the AVMA's Action Alert. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Dr. Ashley Morgan (202-289-3210) at the AVMA's Governmental Relations Division.

ISVMA Legislative Report

In an ongoing effort to keep members informed on business at the State Capitol, the ISVMA lobbyists have prepared a legislative report for the period ending October 31, 2011. All monthly ISVMA legislative reports are archived at

FDA Warns China-made Chicken Jerky Could Cause Fanconi Syndrome

The FDA has issued a warning to consumers and veterinarians noting that chicken jerky products from China may be causing renal failure and Fanconi syndrome in dogs within hours or days of being ingested. Most dogs recover, but some deaths have been reported. The FDA is investigating the products but has not identified a contaminant.

ISVMA Annual Meeting Recap

The ISVMA held its Annual Meeting at the Peoria Civic Center on 11-11-11. Dr. Michael Thomas presided over the meeting in his last official role as ISVMA President. The members adopted an Amendment to the ISVMA Constitution. The following concluded their terms on the ISVMA Board of Directors and, because of term limits, were ineligible for re-election: Dr. Mary Welle (Region III), Dr. Patrick Fairbrother (Region IV), Dr. John Ehrhardt (Region V), Dr. Paul Arndt (Region VII), Dr. Steven Cairo (Region VII) and Andrew Hennenfent (Student Member). Also leaving the Board was Immediate Past President, Dr. Lydia Gray.

Dr. Steven Cairo was elected as the new ISVMA Vice President and will join the ISVMA Executive Committee along with newly installed officers Dr. Stephen Dullard, ISVMA President; Dr. Clyde Dunphy, ISVMA President Elect; Dr. Michael Thomas, ISVMA Immediate Past President; and Dr. Dena Nelson, ISVMA Treasurer.

Joining the new officers were newly elected Board members Dr. Gregory Mauck (Region III), Dr. Matthew Nelson (Region IV), Dr. R. Scott Keller (Region V), Dr. Jack Brar (Region VII), Dr. Sandra Faeh (Region VII) and Scott Michels (Student Member).

Winners of the ISVMA Awards were Dr. Matthew Nelson (Dr. Erwin Small First Decade Award), Dean Herbert Whiteley (ISVMA Veterinary Service Award) and Dr. Craig Stevenson (President's Award).

About the Photo

The photograph for this volume of the E-SOURCE is an outdated x-ray of Executive Director Peter Weber's lumbar/sacral spine (after his first fusion surgery). After two failed surgeries in March 2010 and September 2010, Weber underwent a third surgery on October 23, 2011 to remove his existing fixation device, successfully fuse L4-L5 and L5-S1 and have a new fixation device installed.


Following his first two surgeries, Weber experienced continued radiculopathy and severe neuropathic pain in his legs and feet. It was discovered that a screw from his first surgery was distal and had broken through into the spinal nerve root canal and the nerve was rubbing against the tip of the screw every time he stood up or sat down. The major revision surgery on October 23 lasted eleven hours and Weber was unable to attend the ISVMA Annual Convention. However, he is recovering well and, thus far, has not experienced any nerve pain associated with continued radiculopathy.


ISVMA appreciates the support and patience of its members while the staff executive was out of commission. He has returned to work as a tele-commuter until January when he expects to return to the office full time.

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