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Pet Foods with "Medicinal Purpose"

86 Ill. Adm. Code 130.2165 requires veterinary practices to: "... annually obtain a letter from the manufacturer representing that the animal food is only sold to licensed veterinarians. Provided that a veterinarian maintains this letter in his or her books and records, the Department shall consider the food to have a "medicinal purpose" for the period of one year following the date of issuance of the letter."

The ISVMA has obtained permission to collect the required letters from the food manufacturers and maintain them in our records for our member veterinarians. ISVMA will also maintain a current list of foods that are considered to have a "medicinal purpose" on its website.

*Only foods currently listed are from the following manufacturers:

Hills Prescription Diet
IAMS Veterinary Formula
iVet Professional Formulas

Purina Veterinary Diets
Royal Canin Veterinary Diet

In order to assure the list of foods with a "medicinal purpose" is comprehensive, please report any foods that your practice sells to clients that are for sale only through veterinarians and do not occur on this list.

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