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ISVMA Legislative Relationship Form

ISVMA would like to know if you have a relationship with an elected official in Illinois State Government or the Illinois Congressional Delegation. Your feedback allows us to organize effective contacts with legislators who have significant influence on laws, rules and regulations affecting the veterinary profession.

Privacy policy: This information will be used solely by the Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association; your personal information will not be shared with anyone else.

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If you don't know your state legislators, why don't you send them a congratulations email using the tools in the ISVMA Legislative Action Center?

There is an easy tool to look up who your legislators are (by address) and their contact information. You can check both your home and business address and perhaps find that you are represented by different legislators at the two addresses. You are a constituent at both!

ISVMA has prepared a simple congratulations email that you can send. You will find it highlighted by using the link above.

This simple email might be the start of a new, important and productive relationship for you and the veterinary profession.

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