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Students at UI-CVM Vote in First Online ISVMA Election

First year students at the UI-CVM will vote online to elect their ISVMA Class Representative. More than 100 students are registered to elect from seven candidates that have shown an interest in gettting involved in organized veterinary medicine through service to ISVMA. The polls will be open for 48 hours starting at midnight on February 15 and closing at 11:59 p.m. on February 16.

The ISVMA Class Representative position has taken on new life during the past year. Once elected in the first year, a student automatically becomes the ISVMA Class Representative for each of their four years in veterinary college. Each Class Representative has their own responsibilities including serving as an ex officio member of the ISVMA Convention Planning Committee in their second year and serving on the ISVMA Board of Directors as an ex officio member in their third year.

ISVMA Introduces Important Bill

Senator Maggie Crotty (D-Oak Forest) has introduced SB2214 on behalf of the ISVMA. Representative Dan Reitz (D-Sparta) has introduced an identical bill, HB4928 in the House of Represtatives. These bills would statutorily define deminimus retail sales in the Illinois Retailers’ Occupation Tax, thereby removing the requirement that veterinary practices obtain a retailer’s certificate.

Passage of either bill would finally implement the tentative agreement we reached months ago with the Illinois Department of Revenue (DOR). The bureaucracy at the DOR was never able to issue a policy letter authorizing the agreement. Therefore, after being excessively patient, ISVMA has decided to compel DOR to change their audit procedures through legislative action.

Legislative Relations Survey

ISVMA is gearing up for an important legislative year. In order to continue building our grassroots lobbying capacity, we are still trying to identify at least one veterinarian that has a relationship with each of the 177 members of the Illinois General Assembly. If you have a relationship with a elected state official (or key staff person) we would appreciate you taking a moment to click on the following link and fill out the Legislative Relationship Form.

ISVMA Working with Animal Control

ISVMA is working with animal control officials to push a comprehensive amendment to the Illinois Animal Control Act. House Bill 4367 was introduced by Representative William R. Black (R-Danville) on behalf of the animal control representatives. ISVMA has since been working with these officials for passage of a bill that will result in re-prioritizing public safety and animal control in the Animal Control Act during the current legislative session.

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